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Deer Crashes Into Bus, Attempts Panicked Escape [VIDEO]

A deer crashes through the front window of a bus and tries to make a panicked escape in this wild video.

The collision occurred last year in Johnstown, Pa. , but it is still worth watching. The bus's three security cameras captured the unfortunate incident from three angles.

The video starts with the driver's view as the deer crashes through the bus's windshield. In a panicked frenzy, the deer tries to escape through the window it came flying in through. Clearly shaken, the driver slows the bus down, parks it and opens the door, but the confused critter can't understand what's happening, so it rams into walls and seats looking for an escape route.

Apparently, the driver stepped off the bus shortly after parking it. He probably thought to himself, "Nope. Not today. They don't pay me enough for this."

With the driver off the bus, the panicked deer bounces around the front of the bus, hitting the same seats and walls over and over again. If you watch closely, you'll notice the deer is not alone. Pay attention to the upper right corner of the screen, and you'll see a person sitting in the back seat. I'm sure they were thinking the same thing as the deer and bus driver: "Get me outta here!"

The video ends with the deer still on the bus. No word on what happened to the deer.

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Deer Crashes Into Bus, Attempts Panicked Escape [VIDEO]