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Deer Causes Plane to Crash During Takeoff in Kansas [VIDEO]

A deer collided with a small aircraft on a runway as it was taking off at a small Kansas airport.

On Monday, August 3, 2015 a pilot testing his experimental bi-winged aircraft at Kingman Airport was taken out by a deer as it collided with the plane.

The pilot, Patrick Livingston, was heading down the runway when a deer ran out in front of him. The front tire then struck the deer and was torn off.

Livingston lost control of the plane as it turned off the runway and flipped over.

Livingston climbed out of the plane and drove himself to the nearest hospital where they treated him for minor injuries.

This is the second time a deer has struck a plane in the last year at a Kansas airport. On August 8, 2014 another lone deer was hit at Forbes Field in Topeka Kansas.

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Deer Causes Plane to Crash During Takeoff in Kansas [VIDEO]