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Be Your Own Deer Cart and Carry Your Kill Backpack Style

YouTube/Big Game Hunting New Zealand

Why drag out another deer when you can be your own deer cart and wear it out?

How many times have you been standing there in the field thinking about how long of a drag you have ahead of you? Depending on if you have a friend or a vehicle nearby, it could take you a while to get out.

Check out what this creative New Zealand hunter did to pack out his deer.

That's one heck of a trick, who's up for trying that this season?

If you're feeling inspired and want to try this trick the next time you get a deer, do yourself a favor and throw some orange cloth over it so you're not mistaken for a deer on your way out!

deer sleigh'r, cabelas, carry a deer

In areas of the country where you might have a long walk back and the terrain is challenging, consider taking something like the Deer Sleigh'r from Cabela's.

This deer transport tool weighs less than a traditional deer cart and makes dragging out an entire animal a whole lot easier than it usual is. Because the sled is made from a durable plastic material, you won't be bogged down trying to drag your next trophy out of the woods.

It definitely beats grabbing a deer and dragging it by the hoof!

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Be Your Own Deer Cart and Carry Your Kill Backpack Style