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Deer Breaks Into Minnesota Fur Company, Wrecks the Joint

fur company
Twin Cities

A six-point buck found its way into a Minnesota fur company that was in the process of drying deer hides and proceeded to demolish the place.

Scott Johnson, owner of Johnson Fur in Willmar, went a couple of rounds with a buck that entered his fur company right through the front door. Johnson, 67, said he heard an employee in the back room yelling his name, so he went to investigate.

“I thought he just needed something,’’ Johnson said, but his eyes must have gotten as big around as saucers when he saw what really was at hand. Here it was, a big buck coming right to me.”

It’s not the first time deer have shown up in interesting places.

fur company
Time Military

The buck then proceeded to head-butt the owner of the rural Willmar fur company! It then jumped over counters and smashed boxes before running out the same door it had entered through.

You can imagine the reaction.

“He proceeded to make mischief of it. He kind of tore the place apart before we got it out of the door,’’ the amazed Johnson said.

Since the company was in the process of handling thousands of hides from the recent opening of Minnesota deer season, Johnson could only speculate that the possibly rutting deer was drawn in by the smell.

Even though he took a set of antlers to the ribs, the fur company owner was still able to laugh it off. Watching a buck wreak havoc on his business probably wasn’t as funny, but it had to be a comical bit of Karma to watch.

If deer went looking for all the sheds we ever found, the rest of us would be in trouble, too!


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Deer Breaks Into Minnesota Fur Company, Wrecks the Joint