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Deer Beats Up Some Cowboy Who Thought He Had a Chance

Have you ever wondered what immediate regret and total embarrassment feels like?

I imagine it feels like two hooves pounding you in a manner that you can only truly appreciate the morning after a beating like in this video.

This deer has issues, and the brave cowboy is the just the thing she needs to unwind on and relax. It hurts just watching this video, and the guy isn’t in the “ring” long at all.

The deer is hitting this guy so fast you can hardly see the front legs moving in the video, but rest assured, he knows how fast that doe is. The video, posted by Funny Videos, is titled “Deer Hit Man,” but is a bit misleading because if there was a score, the deer would definitely get the decision.

The only accurate description I can give to this video is a quote from “National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation.” Randy Quaid, who played Cousin Eddie, described Clark’s whirlwind experience at the blackjack table much like what happened in the above video. “I ain’t seen a beating like that since I put a banana in my pants and turned a monkey loose.”


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Deer Beats Up Some Cowboy Who Thought He Had a Chance