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When Deer Are Around, There’s No Sneezing Allowed! [VIDEO]

no sneezing allowed
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When deer are feeding nearby, there is no sneezing allowed! This is a lesson that many outdoorsmen have to learn, and one that Ron had to learn the hard way.

When Ron and his wife have a herd of deer at the feeder, there is a strict no sneezing allowed policy.

Apparently Ron did not get the memo about the new no sneezing allowed rule. In this short but funny clip, Ron disturbs the feeding deer and then promptly gets reprimanded for it.

“Nice, Ron.”

Hey, from a hunter’s point of view, at least it happened while he was inside the house watching the deer instead of after sitting in a treestand or stalking a deer for hours and then sneezing to blow the whole thing.

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When Deer Are Around, There’s No Sneezing Allowed! [VIDEO]