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Deer in a Drift: Snow in Upstate New York Wreaks Havoc [VIDEO]

Upstate New York is getting hammered with snow right now. 

With 57 inches already accumulated in West Seneca, Upstate New Yorkers are struggling with the amount of snow.

Even the wildlife is having a tough time getting around.

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Upstate New York has been all over the news with crazy snow accumulation pictures. The early season storm has already left seven people dead, most elderly, and others stranded in their cars and snowed in. Shawn Smith, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Buffalo said;

This is a very extreme event. It basically crippled all the towns south of Buffalo.

The video gives you an idea of how much snow actually fell in Seneca and this little deer is struggling to run through it. As of now, Seneca looks to have rain this weekend.

Hopefully this little guy made it to where he was going and survived this freak storm.

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Deer in a Drift: Snow in Upstate New York Wreaks Havoc [VIDEO]