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‘The Deepest Valley’: A California Fly Fishing Short Film [VIDEO]

deepest valley

2 men, 2 days fly fishing in the breathtaking beauty of the deepest valley of Owens River in southern California makes for a great short film. 

“The Deepest Valley” follows Jason Fitzgibbon and Tyler Graff on an amazing fly fishing trip along the Owens River in southern California. They set out to experience all that this amazing valley has to offer, especially the fish the crystal clear, alpine-fed water supports.

The Owens River feeds the people of the Los Angeles area as well as provides half of the region’s farming waters. With this river flowing through it, the valley it resides in provides a haven to numerous plant and animal species, including large numbers of rainbow and brown trout.

These two fellows wanted to capture it on camera as the region works on how to properly manage this delicate source for all in the face of oncoming water shortages.

This is a great video presented with very high quality that lets you see the beauty of the area in great detail. You can really tell how healthy that ecosystem is and it would be tragic if that was ever disturbed.

I know one thing after watching this, the Owens River is definitely going on my places to visit on my bucket list. I would love to spend a week or more backpacking through and fishing that beautiful terrain.

For more of their videos check out Zangs Films on Vimeo.

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‘The Deepest Valley’: A California Fly Fishing Short Film [VIDEO]