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Deep-Sea Sport Fisherman Pulled Overboard [VIDEO]

Occasionally we all get caught sleeping on the job; unfortunately, if your job is bagging giant fish, sleeping can turn into swimming.

So…there’s this little thing called a rod holder. They’re not expensive. You can get one for like, $50.

You bolt them into your boat, and they hold your sport rod straight up and down, so that when a big fish, say, one that outweighs you, pulls on the line, you, and your expensive sport reel, don’t get pulled into the blue.

Like this guy did.

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The angler, Josh, was fishing for monsters off the coast of Florida. According to the YouTube poster:

“There were 5 big bull sharks circling the boat. In the middle of them were Goliath groupers and a few dolphins.”

His gear list was pretty sweet too…

• Reel: Okuma Makaira 80w
• Rod: Custom Barrett shark rod
• Line: 200lb Jerry Brown braid backing with 200lb mono topshot
• Leader: 6ft of 3/32 stainless cable
• Hook: 18/0 Lindgren Pitman circle hook
• Bait: Bonito

Amidst this flurry of ocean fauna, something grabbed Josh’s bait, and pulled his rig, his harness, and him overboard. Although the post says he “slipped on some Bonita blood”- we’re not so sure. Looks like this angler just screwed up.

Because the rod was hooked to him, he was able to climb out and hand it off to a friend- but being pulled into the water while being circled by five bull sharks? No thanks.

Next time, just keep the rod in the holder, bud.

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Deep-Sea Sport Fisherman Pulled Overboard [VIDEO]