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Deep Sea Fly Fishing with West Virginia Native

Saltwater fly fishing is one of the top upcoming sports in the fishing industry. Watch as West Virginia Native score at finding the big ones.

Some people believe that just because you live inland, why bother with planning a saltwater expedition. Sure, you have plenty of trophy trout, bass, or musky within an hours drive of home.

But, most will not compete nor come close to the strength of many targeted saltwater species. This isn't to say freshwater fly fishing is dull and boring, but saltwater fly fishing is a whole different beast.

Countless fly fisherman have snapped rods in the twelve to fifteen weight category when fighting these epic fish battles. This goes to show you how strong these fish really are. Bringing a rod any smaller than that would not be recommended. Actually, better yet having a spare rod and reel wouldn't be a bad idea either. Make sure you take a look at the West Virginia Native's teams fly rods bend at the speed and weight of the fish. The fish bend the rod down to the cork. This really seperates the boys from the men.

Chumming the water definitely comes into factor to produce decent numbers of fish. A lot of these species in saltwater tend to be wary of the surface for good reasons. Using chum sacks help bring these fish to boat within range to cast with a fly rod. Without the use of chum or teasers thrown with conventional rods, many saltwater species would be incredibly difficult to target with a fly rod. The only other sure sign to tell fish are near the surface, is to watch the birds. Many times the birds will flock to an angry blitz from saltwater fish feeding and will make them stick out like a sore thumb!


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Deep Sea Fly Fishing with West Virginia Native