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Deep Blue, the World's Biggest Shark, Dwarfs Divers [VIDEO]

world's biggest shark
Facebook/Mauricio Hoyas Padilla

The world's biggest shark ever filmed, Deep Blue, is back with more intense footage.

The size of Deep Blue the great white shark is almost unbelievable. This female shark completely dwarfs anything she swims near including the cage full of divers who are also in this new footage of the massive fish.

Deep Blue could easily swallow a human whole and still be hungry afterwards.

In this newly released footage of Deep Blue, the giant shark investigates some very brave (or is it foolish?) divers. Some of the divers are in cages, but one is floating right above the cage.

Check out the footage of the world's biggest shark below and no, this is not a deleted scene from "Jaws"!

The sheer size of Deep Blue really goes to show you that we really don't have much knowledge about the creatures that reside in our oceans. There could be an even bigger shark swimming in the depths somewhere.

However, until that one is caught on camera, Deep Blue holds the title of the world's biggest shark in the ocean...that we know about.

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Deep Blue, the World's Biggest Shark, Dwarfs Divers [VIDEO]