Decoying Coyotes with Domesticated Dogs Ends with an Insane Coyote Headshot

One of the most interesting and effective ways of hunting coyotes is gaining popularity.

Jeff Thomason of Predator Pursuit has made a living at killing coyotes and entertaining us with some of the best predator hunting footage on the planet.

An episode on this season had a different flare to it though, and it was pretty incredible. Using domesticated dogs that are specifically trained to bring coyotes into to extremely close range, and leave them hanging around, they let it all unfold to show us just how effective it can be.

This short clip has been going around social and causing quite the stir. Many people who are very uneducated on the matter have chimed in with comments like “this is unethical” and “you are putting pet dogs in danger.” With very specialized training under their belts (or collars?), these dogs are highly skilled hunting dogs who love the sport.

No different than a rabbit dog or a duck dog, these animals love to do what they do and are excited to go to work.

As you can see in this video, the coyotes are somewhat flustered and irritated. They become so focused on the dogs that they follow them into very close ranges and lose all recollection of the hunters. Even after shots are fired, other coyotes hang around and attempt to move closer.

If you have had any experience in the field of predator hunting, you know that you don’t get many chances with these intelligent animals and they very rarely present multiple opportunities

Well when using decoy dogs, all that is out the window. Rather than being argumentative with the uneducated crowd and blasting insults at them, try to inform them of what is actually going on with the sport of decoying dogs and how effective it can be for population control.

The owners love these dogs like kids and are extremely cautious when hunting with them, just as you would be with your own dog.

One thing is certain, those coyotes won’t be messing with the ranchers livestock anymore. And how crazy was head shot at the end…?


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