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This is How to Set up Your Antelope Decoys Like a Boss

If you spend time decoying antelope, you've got to see one outfitter's ultra realistic decoy.

Spot and stalk hunting antelope is one of biggest challenges a bowhunter can embark upon. Many factors have to come together for an archer to score on this kind of hunt. One way that bowhunters put the odds in their favor is to use a decoy.

Decoying antelope has gotten immensely popular over the past few years as decoys have become more realistic and more portable. During the antelope rut, these speed goats can become ultra aggressive and a decoy can be a great strategy. You've got to have a good decoy though, otherwise they might realize something is up.

Watch as one hunting guide totes around the most realistic antelope decoy you will ever see.

At the risk of sounding like one of my high school students, that's what I call decoying antelope like a boss.

I've seen a few deer hunters out there use similar methods for decoying rutting deer. The big difference there is those decoys typically sit under a treestand and can be moved easily to and from the hunting area. You've got to admire the guide Mike Smeck as he hauls the decoy around giving his clients the best shot at success. It makes sense though, if you are looking for the most realistic decoy, why not used a stuffed antelope?

If this fall finds you in prime antelope country during the rut you might consider packing a decoy along. If a full body mount isn't in the cards for you, Montana Decoys offer a fine lineup of 2-D and very portable decoys that might be useful. With a little luck, you just might be able to get a short shot at one of these elusive creatures.

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This is How to Set up Your Antelope Decoys Like a Boss