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Decapitated Rattlesnake Bites Tennessee Firefighter

decapitated rattlesnake bites firefighter

Watch out, because a body-less rattlesnake head just bit someone.

Rattlesnakes are mean enough to bite you even when they are missing their bodies. Check out the story of this firefighter that got bit by a decapitated rattlesnake.

So, that rattlesnake is harmless when you cut its head off… right? No, that is a very wrong assumption that will lead to a nasty snake bite.

In Spring Hill, Tennessee, firefighter Kyle Watson came across a young rattlesnake on a hiking path. He worried that other hikers might get bit, so he decapitated it and showed his wife and two children. The decapitated rattlesnake head then turned and bit Kyle. He passed out, hit his head on a rock and was helicopter-lifted to Vanderbilt Hospital.

Be careful when dealing with rattlesnakes. If you don’t, you just might be the next victim.


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Decapitated Rattlesnake Bites Tennessee Firefighter