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How to Debone an Elk Hindquarter in the Backcountry

Debone Elk

When you’re packing out any animal, especially an elk, every pound counts.

It’s important to always keep in mind that whatever you hunt, you have to carry back with you.

Thanks to the folks at Hushin, here’s a quick how to video:

Your first thought might be to leave the bones in the quarters for easier handling. But, as soon as you start your hike back to camp or your truck, you’ll quickly regret it. Here’s why:

  • A mature bull can weigh an estimated 400 pounds
  • Roughly of that weight (200 pounds) is head, hide and bone

By taking the time to debone the hind quarters of your elk, you can ditch an easy 30 pounds off your back.

So before you set out on your next backcountry elk hunt, make sure you’re prepared with the right tools and equipment to dress and debone your harvest. Your back and legs will thank you.



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How to Debone an Elk Hindquarter in the Backcountry