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Dealing With Rifle Recoil [VIDEO]

Sometimes rifle recoil mitigation is gear related.

Getting out and shooting your carbine is a real treat, but you just can’t manage that recoil. You aren’t accurate, the rifle beats you up and you’re really slow getting rounds down range. You have tried everything you can think of and still can’t manage all that recoil. Is your problem gear related? Maybe setting up your rifle in a different way will help you manage that recoil.

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Mike Lamb of Stoic Ventures talks about how he sets up his gear to help him stay on target faster and longer and deal with recoil.


From compensator, to gas system, to even the grip, there is a lot here that you can do to set up your rifle to deal with recoil.

I am going to adjust on my carbine is the stock. I never really thought about having the stock too far out. It didn’t seem comfortable for me. By shortening my stock though, I think I can help with dealing with the recoil on my rifle. Next time I get to the range, I am going to try that. You should too. Sometimes the simple things are the easiest.

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Dealing With Rifle Recoil [VIDEO]