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Dealing With the Loss of Your Favorite Hunting Land

So your favorite hunting land is no longer available, what do you do?

With the population growing by leaps and bounds every day, it is inevitable that hunting land will fall victim to progress at some point. When your favorite piece of hunting property is put up on the auction block to make way for progress, you are left with a couple of options.

You can fork over what is usually an astounding amount of money to call it your own, or you can accept the inevitable and walk away from your little piece of Heaven with a sigh and a heavy heart.

If you’re like most of us, buying a large piece of hunting property just isn’t in your budget. That leaves you with just one option – to accept the reality of your new situation and say goodbye to your favorite hunting spot. It’s never easy to walk away from a hunting area you’ve grown to love, but when you’re left with no choice there are ways to ease the pain and move forward.

You just have to be willing to put in a little time, effort, and acceptance.

Start Looking for a New Spot Before You Lose the Old One

If you are fortunate enough to know you are going to lose your hunting spot before it actually happens, you need to get an early start on looking for a new place to hunt. It never hurts to be on the lookout even if you have no idication that you may lose it.

Hopefully, you’ll have enough time to familiarize yourself with a new spot before you’re forced out of the old one. It helps substantially with the transition to have another option when you lose something as important as your favorite hunting spot.

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One of the most important things you can do to make the adjustment to a new hunting spot is to maintain versatility. Things are going to be different. You won’t know the territory as well and you’ll have to change your hunting strategies to adapt to new terrain.

But if you remain versatile, the transition isn’t quite as painful. No one wants to lose a favorite hunting spot, but when the inevitable happens those who are able to adapt and overcome the changes have a much better chance at continued success.

Expand your Terrain

If your old hunting spot was close to home, then you may have another adjustment to make. The first thing you need to do is try to find a new hunting area as close to home as the first, but if you can’t then it is time to expand your search. Be willing to drive further and expand your terrain in order to find another great spot. You may not be able to hunt as close to home as you’d like, but the trade off is worth it if driving further means bagging game consistently and hunting a nice area.

Mentally prepare yourself for the fact that there will be a transition period as you switch from your old hunting area to the new one. You need to accept that you may not enjoy the same level of success you are used to experiencing at your old spot. However, the more effort you put into scouting and pre-season planning at your new spot, the quicker you can expect success.

As soon as you find out that you’re going to lose your favorite hunting spot, it is a good idea to put out the word that you’re in the market for a new place to hunt. Word of mouth is a fantastic way to get permission to hunt a new piece of property.

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Ask friends and family for suggestions and contact local hunting clubs who may be in search of new members. Don’t be afraid to ask for hunting permission.

Stay Positive

Keeping a positive attitude about the whole situation is critical to future hunting success. Yes, it sucks that you’re losing your favorite place to hunt. No one is arguing that fact. However, if you look at the loss as an opportunity to hunt a new area with different animals and new adventures, you can enter the situation with hope rather than disgust.

When it comes right down to it, a positive attitude in the face of adversity is what makes a good hunter into a great one.

So keep your head up and forge on. Hunting is a sport built on a hunter’s ability to overcome less than ideal situations and still be successful.

Losing your favorite hunting spot is just another challenge you need to overcome, and one that can be just as easily defeated with the right attitude and work ethic.

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Dealing With the Loss of Your Favorite Hunting Land