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Deal Reached to Drop Charges for Minnesota Man Accused of Chasing Buck with Boat

Star Tribune

Man accused of keeping buck in center of lake with pontoon boat. 

A man in Minnesota has reached a deal to have animal cruelty charges dropped. He was accused of chasing a swimming whitetail buck with his pontoon boat, leading to its eventual drowning.

Moorhead resident Steven W. Timm, 56, will have charges against him dropped according to the Star Tribune. Even though the charges are being dropped, he will still have to pay $500 restitution for the large buck that died in the incident last September.

Property owners on Mahnomen County's Tulaby lake had called in the DNR and told investigators they saw Timm circling the deer with his pontoon boat about 200 feet out from the shore. Timm's actions allegedly kept sending the buck farther away from the safety of the shoreline.

The buck eventually became exhausted and drowned.

Timm still alleges he is innocent and was attempting to guide the buck back towards the shore. He originally pleaded not guilty to the animal cruelty misdemeanor and another charge for chasing a wild animal with a motor vehicle.

But, in apparent attempt to avoid an expensive trial, Timm's attorney reached the deal with Mahnomen County prosecutors earlier last week.  As part of the agreement, the prosecution will drop the case so long as Timm does not commit a similar crime in a six month time period.


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Deal Reached to Drop Charges for Minnesota Man Accused of Chasing Buck with Boat