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Deaf Man Saves Deer From Frozen River, Gives Her A Perfect Name

This helpless deer in a frozen river sure got lucky.

A very heartwarming story is just now beginning to circulate on social media. A deaf man was driving along and witnessed a deer helplessly drowning in a frozen river. According to a friend of the man who posted this video, the deaf man climbed out onto the ice with a rope and dragged the deer to safety.

After it was all over, the man then made this heartwarming video of himself explaining what happened in sign language.

The man’s friend loosely translated what was said.

“I was driving along when I see this deer struggling to survive. I felt obligated to help her, so I pulled over, trekked through the woods, and crawled out onto the ice. I used a rope to pull her out. I am so glad she is safe. Now we need to find her mom. I will call her Miss Ice River. She must be so cold. I am so happy that she survived. Farewell.”

This is one of those stories that makes you feel good no matter what. Thanks to the efforts of this brave man, that doe will live to see another spring.


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Deaf Man Saves Deer From Frozen River, Gives Her A Perfect Name