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Deadly Russian T-90 Tank vs. US TOW Missile: Which Will Win?

Watch purported footage of a US TOW missile slamming into a Russian made T-90 tank and decide for yourself who wins.

Video footage provided by the Brigade Mountain Hawks (or Hawks Mountain Brigade depending on translation) You Tube channel shows the group fighting near Aleppo, Syria when a small band of men lines up a Russian T-90 tank with a US built TOW missile and then the fireworks ensue.

The video, which was uploaded in February, 2016, shows a Russian made T-90 tank that was stopped between two low buildings and firing some of its smaller weapons towards the fighters when the missile is seen being launched.

Within seconds the weapon finds its mark and the tank is hammered. One member of the crew can be seen piling out of the T-90 and escaping. After that, well watch and see for yourself.

A report by National Interest said, “There was no fire and the tank didn’t “brew up,” meaning the fuel tank didn’t ignite and burn the crew to death” Soon after Russian military forums began circulating a picture of a tank purporting to be the same one. It appeared that the tank’s famed Kontakt-5 reactive armor worked to a tee, exploding outward to deflect most of the missile’s destructive power.

The photograph only serves as evidence of a tank that was disabled, and not destroyed, as the one in the video appeared to be. If it was the same one and it was indeed a US produced TOW missile then the armor did its job.

The TOW missile is an amazing weapon, but many experts agree that it’s no longer the top-line tank killer in the US arsenal, even though it allegedly knocked out a T-90. Newer and more powerful weapons are part of the ever increasing demand to accomplish the mission and knock out enemy tanks.



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Deadly Russian T-90 Tank vs. US TOW Missile: Which Will Win?