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Deadly Accurate Slingshot Shoots Arrows Using a Laser Sight

This slingshot shoots arrows over 100 feet and is deadly accurate with it’s laser sight.

With innovation in the outdoor industry sky high, products are being designed daily that you may never even hear about. I can remember shooting one as a youngster with my grandfather. Was it accurate? Well, that depended on who was shooting it. But what if there was a way the slingshot could be accurate no matter who was shooting it, it’d be shooting an arrow!

That’s exactly what Laser Slingshot has done. Made in the USA, this slingshot not only has an adjustable laser for extreme accuracy, but they’ve gone a step further and made it possible to shoot an arrow through it. Check out the video below as it shows the full frame accuracy of the Laser Slingshot Bow as they shoot it at varying distances at different targets.

We all have homemade and DIY ideas growing up that have been passed down from generation to generation, with each generation adding their own twist to it. My grandfather used to take my cousin and I, after school, to hunting camp to practice shooting cans and small game, giving each of us safety tips and words of advice. Plinking cans was a great past time of mine with my grandfather, and he actually made me my first slingshot. It was a “Y” design cut out of 3/4″ plywood with old bicycle tire rubber.

I’ve seen slingshots before that use a laser sight and read great reviews on the Bone Collectors version of the laser slingshot, but I’ve never seen a design quite like this. Their website claims they can split pencils at 55 feet and hit cans at 100 feet with the adjustable Laser Slingshot Bow.

Watching the slow motion replays in the video, you can see there is a lot of movement in the arrow as it is released. However, there is no denying that it does hit its target. What do you think, innovation at its best, or just a gimmick?



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Deadly Accurate Slingshot Shoots Arrows Using a Laser Sight