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Deadliest Catch Captain Hires First Female Crew Member [VIDEO]

Deadliest Catch

Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard hires Amy Majors, the first woman on his “Deadliest Catch” crew.

This season on “Deadliest Catch,” Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard is settling a bet he made with writer and fellow angler, Amy Majors. She is the first female crew member on his ship, the Wizard, and Colburn plans to put her to the test.

Majors is no stranger to fishing or the open ocean, as she is the third generation angler in a family of fishermen.

Majors landed a job as a writer for “Pacific Fishing Magazine” after she dropped out of college to pursue other dreams. While on assignment at a marine expo, she ran into Colburn. He offered her the gig of a lifetime: testing her skills aboard his ship during the upcoming crabbing season.

“Keith just randomly walked up and he said, ‘I read all your articles in the magazine, and let’s see how tough you really are on the Bering Sea in the dead of winter,'” said Majors. She told him to bring it on.

She is used to people being skeptical about her being a commercial fisherman, but she usually shrugs them off. This time, however, she had something to prove.

“It was very intimidating being the only woman on the ship. Just trying to prove to myself, to everyone that I could do it, and that women could do that on the Bering Sea. I definitely thought I could keep up with them, and I did,” she said.

She also said she was nervous about the adventure. Although she had experience fishing on the Bering Sea, she had never been out crabbing before.

Find out how Majors fares with Colburn and his crew this season on “Deadliest Catch.”

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Deadliest Catch Captain Hires First Female Crew Member [VIDEO]