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Is It Dead Yet? [VIDEO]

This deer hasn’t quite succumbed to the gunshot that downed it.

Most of us have felt that rush of adrenaline and excitement when we make contact with a deer, especially when it’s a buck we’ve been aiming at for a while.

The rush of emotions can sometimes be a lot to handle, especially if the deer doesn’t drop instantly.

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Even if it does fall to the ground, leading us to believe it was an instant kill shot, the job may not be over.

That’s what a couple of deer hunters discovered the hard way, when a good-sized buck surprises them after taking a bullet.

Watch what happens as they approach the deer in this video uploaded to YouTube by Keith Warren.

Even if you know it’s coming, that’s a pretty scary situation. Deer are resilient creatures, and even though the “resurrection” of this one didn’t last too long, it could have turned out worse.

Reminds us of the classic Chris Farley flick Tommy Boy, in which a similar situation turned out a little worse.

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Is It Dead Yet? [VIDEO]