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Dead Whale Disposal in Africa is One Messy and Stinky Job

Dead whale disposal in Africa is not for the faint of heart. Be thankful your screen doesn't emit smells!

What do you do when a 10 ton humpback whale washes up on shore? If you live in South Africa, you claim your share of the flesh and blubber. Perfectly normal train of thought if freshly killed, but after days rotting in the heat of the sun, it can be a little hard to stomach. No pun intended.

Whaling is illegal in South Africa, but when one washes up shore, it is a happy time for the communities. Most of the whale parts will be used for traditional medicines, but others will be boiled and eaten.

Add to the mix local waste management services, who attempted to dismantle the whale using chainsaws - which was futile for the most part. And after locals kept showing up to claim their share of the meat, the decision to bury the carcass was scrapped.

Warning: this is slightly graphic. 

Feeling hungry after watching that? Customs and traditions certainly do differ across the world, and this is just one example. It does make you wonder what they plan to use the prized two-meter penis for?

Things that make you go hmmm?


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Dead Whale Disposal in Africa is One Messy and Stinky Job