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These Guys are Dead Set on Melting a Silencer

melting a silencer

So much greatness in one video. Watch as these guys attempt to melt a silencer from excessive rounds and then shoot a disintegrating round into a target from two feet away.

If you like guns and firepower, you have came to the right place. Silencers have taken the world by storm. In the shooting as well as the hunting sectors of our community, they are a hot commodity. But, have you ever seen one take so many rounds it melted?

These guys shoot excessive amounts of ammunition as they attempt to melt a silencer. Watch as they rack of shots and get the suppressor glowing like a light bulb on a Christmas tree.

And if that wasn’t enough greatness for one video, we also get to see a round that can hit a steel target from two feet away, with no ricochets.

See for yourself!

Boys will be boys, right? We all always want to do something like this or test our equipment’s limits, but you never really do it because of the money it would take to replace it all. Look how hot that silencer got!

Thankfully, these guys got as close as you could on our behalf, and it was amazing.

And how about those disintegrating rounds, and the brave guinea pigs who stood close to show their effectiveness? So much in one video. Have you ever melted anything on a gun?

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These Guys are Dead Set on Melting a Silencer