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Zombie Roadkill: Deer Leaps Out of Trunk [VIDEO]

Nothing about being a police officer is routine, and nothing proves that better than this story.

Though this happened a few years back, the story is no less amazing.

A Kalamazoo public safety officer encountered a car, questioned the driver, and found out there was a dead deer in the trunk, which the man had hit. He intended on using it for venison, and the officer wanted to check that the deer was properly tagged.


That Mark Twain quote is nice, but I had more moderns visions of the movie “Tommy Boy” come to mind almost instantly…

The deer escaped from the trunk, bolted for the woods, and was never found. Odds are the deer was the one who hit the car, and the driver falsely assumed it was deceased after hearing and feeling the ‘thud.’

With deer-car collisions becoming a serious issue across the nation, remembering to ensure a deer is indeed dead before trying to haul it away becomes just as important.

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Zombie Roadkill: Deer Leaps Out of Trunk [VIDEO]