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Dead Deer Found on New York Train Tracks is a Mystery

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One adult deer and three fawns were mysteriously found on train tracks in a New York town.

Three days after being spotted from an overpass by a resident, railroad representatives removed four dead deer from the train tracks in East Quogue, New York. The deer appeared to be neatly placed between the rails which raises speculation as to how the deer ended up there in the first place. The deer were low enough on the tracks, where oncoming trains would not have disturbed them. A spokesman for the railroad stated in an email that crew members responding to the scene could not speculate how the deer died.

A witness who spotted the deer on the tracks says the carcasses were spaced within a few hundred feet of each other. She believes the deer were shot and placed there, stating she heard gunshots over the weekend that were loud enough to awaken her and her dog. She does not believe a train struck them as they would have been thrown on impact. The mystery deepens as none of the deer suffered any form of physical injuries including gun shot or arrow wounds.

Insight from the president of Hunters for Deer, based out of Long Island, speculated the animals’ deaths were caused by starvation and nothing else. Although he did not observe the deer, he speculates there wasn’t enough food to provide sustenance with the winter cover.

Regardless of the many possibilities being offered, the dead deer found on the tracks remains a mystery.

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Dead Deer Found on New York Train Tracks is a Mystery