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Dead Black Bear Found in Central Park

Central Park is no place for a bear, but a carcass was found by an early morning dog walker.

Amongst the many things you can see in New York’s Central Park, a baby bear isn’t anywhere near the list.

Yet, according to the New York Timesa three foot long presumed black bear cub was found dead in the bushes near 69th Street.

No one knows for sure how it got there, with several claiming foul play and at least one bystander claiming the bear was old enough to make its way from Morris County, New Jersey.

In case you were wondering, there are no bears at the Central Park Zoo, with a grizzly bear exhibit in the works but yet unfinished.

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Officials said it will be taken to Albany for a necropsy by the State Department of Environmental Conservation’s wildlife pathology unit to determine the cause of death. Body trauma had been suspected, but the exact way the bear died is still uncertain.

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Dead Black Bear Found in Central Park