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The DEA Thought of Spying On Cars at Gun Shows

An email has surfaced that a Federal agent wanted to use license plate readers to track gun show visitors.

As originally reported in The Wall Street Journal, a internal email has surfaced from the Justice Department that a Federal agent thought using license plate readers around gun shows would be a great way to track gun trafficking.


The Justice Department was quick to deny this 2009 proposal was ever implemented, as it was eventually rejected.

The scanning system that came up is a mobile operation that scans passing vehicles or vehicles the patrol car is passing in a parking lot. Many cities have already adopted this scanning technology for its patrol vehicles, often used in traffic citations and stolen vehicles.



The American Civil Liberties Union was able to obtain this email through the Freedom of Information Act. It was only one of many that referred to the national database that is being built to track movement of vehicles in the United States.

The National Rifle Association is on the case, and an NRA spokesman is quoted as “looking into this to see if gun owners were improperly targeted, and has no further comment until we have all the facts.”

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The DEA Thought of Spying On Cars at Gun Shows