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DDupleks Hunting Slugs Deliver Massive Damage [VIDEO]

ddupleks hunting slugs

The Hexolit 32 line of shotgun slugs from DDupleks use a unique expansion effect to deliver massive damage to its target.

There is a seemingly endless amount of shotgun shells currently on the market.

They serve different purposes and are made for many different applications. Exotic shotgun rounds have also increased in popularity.


These DDupleks hunting slugs are designed to quickly dispatch game of all sizes. They feature a flower petal design, which creates six large wound channels in an animal to ensure a quick and humane kill.

Upon impact with the target’s body, the DDupleks hunting slugs expand to almost double their initial width. The slug then fractures into six pieces, which spread out within the target. This feature helps turn even the most poorly placed shot into definite kill shots.

According to the DDupleks website, the features of the Hexolit 32 slug include:

  • Maximum energy transfer at the moment of impact
  • Frontal part of the slug expands to 36 mm diameter
  • Hydrodynamic shockwave on internal organs
  • Extensive splinter cone damage
  • Large entrance holes for massive blood tracks
  • Reduced possibility of ricochet
  • Lead-free
  • Minimal friction in the barrel
  • Can be used in all chokes
  • Highest accuracy with a 1 mm choke
  • Suitable for rifled barrels

The DDupleks hunting slugs are great for big game hunting and should prove especially popular with boar hunters.

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DDupleks Hunting Slugs Deliver Massive Damage [VIDEO]