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Daytime Coon Calling Action and Some Good Advice [VIDEO]

Coon hunting does not have to be done just with dogs. Calling coons during the day works too.

When most hunters think of coon hunting they imagine the howling of a black and tan in the distance, hot on the trail of a coon. They imagine hunters with lights strapped to their heads running through the woods trying to catch up with the treeing dogs.

Yes, that is the norm of coon hunting. Unfortunately, many hunters are missing out on the excitement that revolves around calling coons.

You can call coons like you would other predators. The basic technique is the same.

Follow the same rules of strategy such as putting the wind to your face, remaining concealed and motionless, and calling steadily, about 10 or 15 minutes.

If one is going to answer your call it comes fairly swiftly, not as fast as a fox perhaps, but still within a short time. A raccoon is not as inclined to come as far as a fox to the call, but you are more likely to find a number of them together, in the same general area.

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Daytime Coon Calling Action and Some Good Advice [VIDEO]