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David Blanton Runs Down a Big Wyoming Bull Elk

When David Blanton finds himself in a frenzy of elk activity, he gets aggressive and comes away with a big Wyoming bull.

David Blanton and his guide are hunting the rugged mountains of Wyoming when they come across an elk hunters dream. Two herds of elk have come together and the woods are crawling with cows and a bunch of screaming bulls.

After getting a little coaching from his guide, David Blanton starts easing his way into the action, eventually getting close enough for a shot. Watch the video to see what it's like to crash a party of rutting elk.

This hunt is the perfect example of how and when to get aggressive on an elk hunt. There is enough cover to hide Blanton's approach and the bulls are giving away their locations through nearly constant bugling.

The stampede of elk moving through the woods is causing tons of movement, noise, and general mayhem, so a hunter sneaking quietly into shooting position can get away with more movement and noise than normal.

When the bull presents a shot opportunity at 40 yards, Blanton is able to sneak an arrow through a narrow window and make a great hit thanks to practice and confidence in his shooting.

September will be here before you know it. Will you be ready?


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David Blanton Runs Down a Big Wyoming Bull Elk