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David Attenborough Turned 90, Let's Celebrate His Legacy


Many of us have grown up hearing his voice narrate wildlife programs for years, so let's thank David Attenborough today. 

BBC created a new program in honor of this momentous occasion called, "David Attenborough at 90", in order to celebrate his lasting legacy in the outdoor world. While Attenborough is foremost an explorer, in the hunting and fishing community, he has pioneered our understanding of the natural world.

His incredible series, "Life on Earth", aired 37 years ago and brought the entire landscape into the living room of thousands of families. Attenborough has always put his attention to flora and fauna first, and we are grateful for all of the places he has taken us, whether it be to a cannibalistic tribe in Papua New Guinea, or to hear a bird's dying song in the Amazon Rainforest.

This is my personal favorite Attenborough moment, the song of the lyrebird.

Sir David Attenborough is a human that we can only hope to emulate. His curiosity and humbling personality have inspired generations of explorers, and outdoorsmen and women.

BBC One animated a few of his favorite animals and they told us what they really think of him.

First are the gorillas.

The penguins get their chance to weigh.

And finally, the lyrebird itself.

His programs as a wildlife broadcaster will continue to change the face of outdoor programming as we know it, and he really is an international treasure.

Thank you, Sir David Attenborough for being the explorer we all have wished to be!


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David Attenborough Turned 90, Let's Celebrate His Legacy