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Dave's Tangle Free Weights: The Future of Getting Down?

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Dave's Tangle Free Weights should probably be in everyone's tackle box. Here's why.

As states continue to ban lead weights, the market is full of alternatives, but few of them perform as well as the old standby. However, inventor Dave Harding is creating designs intended to improve upon outdated technology.

Founder and owner Dave Harding grew up in Portland, Oregon, where he lives today with his wife Jen Earhart. Harding founded Dave's Tangle Free in 2012, just after becoming a father, which was the main inspiration for their family business.

After having worked in the foundry at Precision Castparts since 1986, Harding made the decision to leave his day job of 30 years and pursue production of his weights full time. His passion for fishing combined with his industrial knowledge and knack for engineering made him determined to produce a weight that his son could safely handle.

Dave Harding showcasing his weights at the Portland Sports Shows
Dave Harding showcasing his weights at the Portland Sports Shows

After much time spent tinkering in the shop, the end result is not only a safer solution to using lead, but also a solution to the frustration of constantly losing gear to tangles and snags with a superior, patent pending fishing weight that outperforms its predecessors.

Beyond being a lead alternative, Dave's Tangle Free weights are simply a superior sinker. Made with quality components in the U.S.A., the density of the steel combined with the rubber sleeve creates a weight with more bounce to the ounce that doesn't wedge itself in nooks and crannies unlike its lead counterparts.

Nick Popov and his late father with a North Coast Steelhead.
Nick Popov and his late father with a North Coast Steelhead

The low profile half-swivel reduces line tangles and gives a wider range of motion, making it easier to pull free from snags where lead might actually dig in deeper.

Included in the Most Innovative Lure and Tackle of 2015, its performance is simply un-matched in the fishing industry, catching the attention of professional guides and recreational anglers alike.

Nick Popov of "Peel the Reel Guide Service" started using Dave's weights float fishing for Steelhead. Shortly after, Popov made the switch to using Dave's Tangle Free weights exclusively, using larger weights for trolling flashers and herring in tidal waters for salmon.

Popov says, "I switched over to Dave's Tangle Free trolling weights for several reasons. They truly are tangle free, and get hung up much less than traditional lead weights in every trolling scenario. When being on the bottom is the ticket to finding fish, Dave's Tangle Free weights can make a huge difference in a day of fishing.

"In addition to bouncing off snags, the rubber coating allows them to be a little quieter. Finally, Dave's Tangle Free weights are simply a lead-free alternative that is still a superior product. No more handling lead! Dave's Tangle Free weights are my go-to product!"

Grant Rilette with a nice Steelhead Buck
Grant Rilette with a Wild Steelhead Buck

Guide Grant Rilette also uses Dave's Tangle Free weights drifting and bobber-dogging for upriver salmon. Rilette says he uses Dave's Tangle Free weights for several reasons. "Most importantly, they catch fish. People probably laugh at the notion that a weight can help catch fish, but it's the details that get more fish to bite.

"Dave's weights sink fast, getting an offering to the fish quickly. They tick along the bottom silently due to the rubber casings which also prevent hanging up and snagging. Dave's weights have increased my productivity on the water. The added bonus is that I'm not handling lead anymore on a daily basis, or depositing that lead into the rivers. What's not to love?"

Growing concerns over lead poisoning have prompted new legislation limiting or banning all-together the use of lead fishing products. As just one of the latest examples, New Hampshire banned the use of lead fishing tackle on January 1st, 2016.

Tournament fisherman Deej (David) Collise of New Hampshire has been using them for his drop shot rigging since 2013. Dave's Tangle Free Dropshot weights were also mentioned as one of five must-have product lines from the 2016 Portland Sports Show.

Dave's Dropshot

In the long run, Dave's Tangle Free weights will reduce the time you spend on the water untangling and re-rigging your lines, keeping your hooks wet and increasing your chances of catching more fish. Even with the difference in cost, if you consider the amount of terminal tackle typically lost from snags, Dave's Tangle Free weights will actually save you money at the end of the day.

Harding truly believes in supporting American companies and making sustainable choices. Dave's Tangle Free weights are designed to be non-toxic, produced to be family friendly and environmentally green.


Dave's Tangle Free weights are manufactured in Oregon, available at over 150 stores nationwide, and come in sizes from 1/8oz. to 12 ounces. You can also get them in themed tackle packs for specific applications (Bass, Drift, Bobber Doggin'). Wholesale buyers can find Dave's Tangle Free weights through the distributor Big Rock Sports.

You can follow Dave's Tangle Free on Facebook or visit his website for more information.

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Dave's Tangle Free Weights: The Future of Getting Down?