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Dave's Tangle Free Trolling Weights Are a Game Changer

Dave Harding

Dave's Tangle Free trolling weights not only get down with the best, but are better than the rest.

Inventor Dave Harding's quest for a better way to weight your gear is rapidly evolving to be applied in multiple techniques to target multiple species.

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Quickly gaining a reputation among guides and fishing industry professionals, Dave's Tangle Free Weights appear to be the future of getting down. More than just an alternative to lead, the performance of this product has surpassed it's predecessors and evolved to become a superior product.

It's only natural that the progression of popularity among upriver guides that have been consistently using the weights for bobber-dogging and drift fishing would eventually progress to a product useful for lower river trolling fisheries. The technology of a weight that allows for fishing your gear closer to the bottom not only puts you into the fish, but prevents you from losing costly flashers and rigging.

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The density of the steel combined with the rubber coating on the weights allows them to bounce out of situations where lead would normally wedge itself. As Lucas Holmgren of Fishing Addicts Northwest demonstrates, the low-profile half swivel design also allows the weight to move more freely, making it easier to free the weight from sticky situations.

Dave's Tangle Free Weights have been popular among guides and fishing industry professionals, and are growing in popularity among recreational anglers that are beginning to realize that a weight really can improve your chances of success out on the water.

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Dave's Tangle Free trolling Weights are sold individually in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounce weights. Dave's Tangle Free weights are manufactured in Oregon, available at over 150 stores nationwide. You can also get them in themed tackle packs for specific applications (Bass, Drift, Bobber Doggin'). Wholesale buyers can find Dave's Tangle Free weights through the distributor Big Rock Sports.

You can follow Dave's Tangle Free on Facebook or visit his website for more information.

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Dave's Tangle Free Trolling Weights Are a Game Changer