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Dave's Tangle Free Steelhead Float Rigging: The New Way to Float Fish


Dave's Tangle Free Steelhead Float Rigging offers an alternative to weighting your floats for steelhead. 

Dave Harding, creator of Dave's Tangle Free weights, mentioned on Wide Open Spaces as one of The 5 Most Innovative Lures and Tackle of 2015 offers these two alternatives to adding his weights while float fishing for steelhead.

The first "tangle free" method uses two swivels and a Dave's Tangle Free weight attached to a split ring. This is a great alternative to use when rigging a sliding float for steelhead. If you're sliding your float up and down with the intention for the main weight to be fished anywhere significantly below the water's surface and closer to the bottom, the tangle free weight will freely bounce on the rocks giving you an advantage to your presentation. Due to the weight being fixed with split ring pliers, you want to make sure it matches the rating of your bobber with a little wiggle room for adding split shot to your leader.

The second method uses a snap swivel that allows the angler to make on-the-fly adjustments to compensate for the added weight of a jig, or pile on additional weight to keep bait closer to the bottom. Having the ability to adapt the weight to the presentation in an efficient manner will increase the amount of time your hook is wet and increase your chances of hooking into a fish.

Dave's Tangle Free weights are lead free and Made in the USA. These rubber jacketed steel weights have become the choice of popular Northwest fishing guides like Grant Rilette, and for good reasons.

"People probably laugh at the notion that a weight can help catch fish, but it's the details that get more fish to bite. Dave's weights sink fast, getting an offering to the fish quickly. They tick along the bottom silently due to the rubber casings which also prevent hanging up and snagging. The added bonus is that I'm not handling lead anymore on a daily basis, or depositing that lead into the rivers." - Grant Rilette

Bill Taylor of Osprey Guide Adventures sums up their efficiency,

"Dave's Tangle Free weights have been just outstanding and not getting hung up...they just go and go and go!"

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Dave's Tangle Free Steelhead Float Rigging: The New Way to Float Fish