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Dave Mercer Goes Paddleboard Fishing for Giant Bass

Who needs a fancy bass boat to catch big fish?

Dave Mercer, host of Facts of Fishing, has a sweet bass boat. It's got all the bells, all the whistles. And a giant 250-horse motor.

So why, then, is he standing on a paddleboard and catching giant bass? Check out the video to see why.

A paddleboard can offer some pretty substantial advantages for the bass angler. For starters, it costs a whole lot less than a fully-rigged Ranger Z521. Of course, many houses cost less than a fully-rigged Ranger Z521...

A paddleboard can also allow access into smaller waters that big boats simply can't reach. Which stands to reason that it'll open up areas that other anglers haven't pressured and that's a good bet that you'll find giant bass there too.

Fishing from a paddleboard isn't without its challenges, with storage being one primary concern. So learn to pack just what you need into one small waist pack and stick with a single-rod setup.


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Dave Mercer Goes Paddleboard Fishing for Giant Bass