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Dashcam Captures Moment of Impact with a Moose [VIDEO]

You wouldn’t think a moose can move this quick!

Incredible dashcam footage has surfaced from Russia that shows the exact thing no driver in the world wants to see. An unnamed person seems to be moving at a good clip while enjoying a summer day, all the while grooving to some Alex Adair on the radio, when out of nowhere a moose enters the screen from the right.

What you see next is exactly what the person behind the wheel saw as well. Besides some broken glass, and more than likely a broken car, the driver seemed to have made it out alright.

Most encounters with moose on the highway don’t end this well for the driver. Oftentimes, most collisions involve completely totaled vehicles and trips to the hospital. Unfortunately, seeing as this video is from Russia, there is no information regarding how the moose came out in this collision either.

Here’s to hoping they are all okay.

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Dashcam Captures Moment of Impact with a Moose [VIDEO]