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Dash Cam Gives Driver’s View as He Escapes Roadway Flash Flood


Flash floods have peppered Southern California. See this unusual dash cam video of a driver’s quick decision to avoid an onrush of water and debris.

Recent flash floods in the southern United States and California have caused a lot of damage, displaced people from their homes and endangered lives. A vehicle dash cam captured a driver’s view of a flash flood on a segment of California State Route 23.

The danger of flash floods on roadways cannot be underestimated. Lives have been lost in scenarios such as this as the force of even low levels of rushing water and debris can easily carry a vehicle away and push it into deeper waters.

State Route 23 lies northwest of Santa Monica and Los Angeles, and connects Fillmore to Malibu. The region has experienced several dangerous flash floods recently, with possibly more potentially dangerous thunderstorms credited to El Nino in the forecast.

The driver reacted to the oncoming flood by quickly driving backwards until he attained enough distance from the rushing water where he could safely make a quick turnaround and escape. His escape didn’t necessarily require a high degree of driving skill, although it did demand quick and decisive action.

While the water level of this flash flood appears relatively low, at least initially, a good deal of debris, large and small, can be seen being carried along in the muddy waters. Debris like this can be quite dangerous.

Last year a flash flood along the Utah-Arizona border took the lives of 20 people, including at least 10 children who were swept away in a vehicle.

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Dash Cam Gives Driver’s View as He Escapes Roadway Flash Flood