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Darting a Confused Young Moose in Suburban Backyard

young moose

A young moose found himself trapped and confused in a backyard until wildlife officials tranquilized him and relocated him to the wild.

Idaho Fish & Game personnel had to dart a young moose that found itself in the backyard of a Lewiston home the other day. The moose wasn't causing a ruckus or anything. He was just a little confused and appeared to be lost.

A warden narrating the video indicated that such incidents occur once or twice a year in the region. Fish & Game officials seemed well prepared for the situation. They efficiently darted the young moose with carfentanil and helped him to the ground.

They covered his eyes with a cloth and then laid him on a handled tarp, then enlisted eight people and easily moved him into a large horse trailer. Easy peasy.

The task was so efficiently performed, you'd think these folks had done it once or twice before.

They drove the moose to a wilderness area and released him, which went as smoothly and effortlessly as did his capture. He simply trotted out of the trailer and into the bush.

Great job, Idaho Fish & Game. You made it look like a cake walk.

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Darting a Confused Young Moose in Suburban Backyard