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Daring Moose Rescue Caught on Tape [VIDEO]

moose rescue

Locals and officials work together in this daring moose rescue.

This moose rescue is intense, but thankfully officials were able to save it without injury to themselves or the moose. Check out this video by Animal Planet:

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In this video, a local jokingly asks “If you can’t rescue the moose, can I eat her?” Officials brush off the question as they prepare to pull the moose out of the deep mud pit.

The officials and locals worked together to get a rope around her torso to pull her out. Luckily, the mud pit was not very wide and they only had to pull her out a couple of feet. They left her there to recover, and things turned out well for this large animal.

Have you ever rescued a wild animal in need? Share your story in the comments below!

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Daring Moose Rescue Caught on Tape [VIDEO]