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Daredevil Squirrel Survives 21-Story Leap


This video proves that the squirrel truly is nature’s daredevil after one survives a 21-story leap to the ground!

The squirrel is well known for its arboreal acrobatics, love of nuts, and propensity to rob bird feeders. Well, now you can also add nature’s daredevil to that list. It takes a true daredevil to even contemplate making a 21-story leap. If the squirrel in this video isn’t a daredevil, it must just be terrible at judging distances.

First, it made the mistake of somehow scaling the side of a 21-story tall apartment building. It looks like the little guy is going to climb onto the roof to find another way down when it suddenly does the unthinkable and takes a flying leap. Its flying squirrel cousins may have even called it a risky move, but it made the jump anyways.

Luckily for the squirrel, its chosen landing spot just happens to be a small park with trees and grass. The trees definitely assisted the crazy rodent in slowing down before hitting the ground. The little guy then scampers away and lives to search for nuts another day! Pretty amazing that the drop didn’t even seem to faze it.


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Daredevil Squirrel Survives 21-Story Leap