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Daredevil Rides Wave on Crazy Modified Dirt Bike [VIDEO]

Amazingly, this video features no trick photography or manipulated footage. It’s actually a guy riding a wave on a dirt bike.

Every once in a while, modern day thrill seekers do something to make the impossible a reality. Then they record it for proof that it was accomplished.

Pile this video in with the rest of the bunch.

That’s Robbie Maddison ripping through the Tahitian coastline, catching waves and leaving surfers in the dust.

Short of a jet ski, that might be the fastest way to tool around in the ocean. If a shark is around, Maddison will certainly be able to evade it…

It just goes to show, if you set your mind to something (extreme and barely possible), you can still manage to make it happen with ingenuity, intestinal fortitude, and a really sick camera.

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Daredevil Rides Wave on Crazy Modified Dirt Bike [VIDEO]