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Darcizzle Takes on Sharks at Boynton Beach, Florida [VIDEO]

Next stop, Boynton Beach! 

By now, you might be starting to recognize Darcie Arahill, or commonly known as Darcizzle to her thousands of Internet fishing followers. Every Thursday, she puts out a new video from her past week’s fishing adventure and often times shares tips, tricks, or at the very least, location-specific fishing knowledge.

In her latest video, Darcizzle is chasing sharks all over Boynton Beach, Florida in a clip you don’t want to miss.

Catching sharks gets the attention of most fishermen all over the world. Seeing how Darcie makes it look so easy, catching and releasing both that spinner and blacktip, only adds to the allure of chasing them.

Be sure to follow Darcie on her Facebook page for more of her latest fishing adventures.

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Darcizzle Takes on Sharks at Boynton Beach, Florida [VIDEO]