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Darcizzle Makes Catching Blacktip Sharks Off the Beach Looks Easy

Dacie Arahill

If catching blacktip sharks are this easy, sign us up! 

In one of the better shark fishing videos to hit the Internet so far this year, Darcie Arahill puts on a show catching blacktip sharks right off the beach in southern Florida. She pretty much does it all from the hookset to the release out in the water.

If catching blacktip sharks is something you plan do next year during their annual migration, or even right now, make sure you study this video because this is pretty much exactly how you do it.

We all know what it’s like to watch a bass, trout, or tarpon jump when you have them on the line, but seeing a shark get some air has to be a special feeling like none other.

Blacktip sharks make their annual migration starting during the early winter months and typically last until the Atlantic waters begin to warm up again in early spring. As these fish follow their food and warmer waters, they often times swim right up against the shore looking for food.

If you find yourself in a position to catch one like Darcie did, make sure you bring your muscles. These fish will put you through the ringer.



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Darcizzle Makes Catching Blacktip Sharks Off the Beach Looks Easy