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Darcizzle Goes Gator Hunting in Florida [VIDEO]

Darcie Arahill

Darcizzle gator hunting in Florida is as great to watch as it sounds.

Darcie Arahill, or known to her thousands of fans as Darcizzle, has been all over the place lately. She has been interviewed internationally, and even seen on Playboy. The reason for her rise in the outdoors industry is noticeable and videos like this one of her gator hunting in Florida is exactly why.

Darcie knows her stuff when it comes to fishing. Put her on the water and she can out-fish just about anyone. Now we are about to see if she can run the same game when it comes to hunting.

Watch and see for yourself.

What do you think? Does she pass the hunting test? I think she does. Would you believe this was her first Florida gator?

If you are looking to do something similar in the future, check out Swamp to Sea guide service. They can hook you up the same way they did Darcie on her first gator hunt.

Congrats Darcie on an amazing hunt!

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Darcizzle Goes Gator Hunting in Florida [VIDEO]