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Darcizzle Catches, Cleans, and Cooks Florida Lobsters [VIDEO]

If you catch some Florida lobsters, you better know how to cook them!

In this amazing underwater GoPro video, Darcie Arahill, the personality behind Darcizzle Offshore, dives for Florida lobsters in the Keys during a family trip to the area. Not only is she going to show you how to catch them, but she will show you how she cleans and cooks those Florida lobsters too!

Get ready to see everything you would need to know if you are ever in the Keys looking to do some lobster fishing yourself. You might want to take notes.

The way Darcizzle goes about it, it doesn’t look that hard at all does it? I’m sure it is. I’m also sure a little practice goes a long way, but to get grilled lobster drenched in butter, putting in that kind of work is definitely worth it.

To see more of Darcizzle on other fishing adventures be sure to follow her on her on Facebook, as well as her YouTube page. There are new videos posted on both sites every week!

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Darcizzle Catches, Cleans, and Cooks Florida Lobsters [VIDEO]