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Darcie Will Teach You How to Catch Big Snook

From catching bait to hooking a big snook, Darcie explains how to catch some lunkers in the inshore salt waters of Florida.

If you want to know how to catch big snook next time your in Florida, this video is for you.

Watch as Darcie gives step by step instructions on how to fish the mullet run in the Sunshine State.

In case you were wondering, this is the gear Darcie was using: Tsunami rod, with an Accurate SR6 reel spooled with TufLine Domin8 20lb braid to a 30lb flouro leader, and a 3/0 Mustad circle hook. 

Using live bait is the way to go; Darcie used a castnet to catch a mess of finger-sized mullet fish. Remember that any time you’re fishing next to a seawall, you should be on the lookout for big predatory fish that love to eat small fish.

More important than catching the fish is releasing it properly. Darcie showed the proper way with that first snook by taking a quick picture and holding the it in the water while trolling to get the water back into its gills.


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Darcie Will Teach You How to Catch Big Snook