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Darcie Hooks Big Groupers with Veterans in Sunny Florida

You’re gonna be jealous of the big groupers these veterans catch in sunny Florida.

Darcie of Darcizzle Offshore joins some United States soldiers and they catch big grouper offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

Watch as they reel in some monsters in the Sunshine State during a fishing tournament for veterans.

Darcie had some great luck during this fishing tournament, and she hooked up right away. Captain Mike did his part by putting the crew right where the fish were biting.

The event is called “Take a Soldier Fishing,” and the two soldiers on the boat were having great luck catching big groupers of the red variety.

This year’s tournament was made possible by the organizations new partnership with Hamilton Harbor who will be hosting next year’s event. Check out the official website of Take a Soldier Fishing for more information about being a part of this great cause.


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Darcie Hooks Big Groupers with Veterans in Sunny Florida