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Darcie Arahill Competes in Operation Sailfish on 80-Foot Yacht

Images via Darcie Arahill

If you are going to fish Operation Sailfish, you might as well do it in style. 

Operation Sailfish is a big tournament that takes place in South Florida where teams all compete to bring in the most sailfish during the official tournament times. Other fish are allowed to be registered to help out the point total, but it's all about the billfish. Darcie Arahill was right there in the mix of this year's tournament. This time, she was fishing on a luxury 80-foot yacht.

Check out this pretty captivating GoPro footage of Arahill, also known as Darcizzle to her thousands of social media followers, along with her team backing down sailfish to rack up those points.

I've never have had the opportunity to get out and fish for billfish like you just saw on this video, let alone compete in a tournament with some of the best sailfish fishermen on the planet. However, if that opportunity were to arise, hopefully it would take place on a yacht.

I mean, if you are going chasing sailfish, you might as well do it right.


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Darcie Arahill Competes in Operation Sailfish on 80-Foot Yacht